Biostetic Elastin Infusion


Irreversible loss of Elastin until now

Facial rejuvenation is a technique that uses safe micro-current electrical energy to stimulate and re-educate facial and body muscles and tissues through specifically designed wands using proprietary protocols.

This treatment allows facial and body tissues to strengthen. During the treatment, blood circulation increased and pores become tightened, which gives the skin a more refined and youthful appearance.

After the first treatment almost everyone sees and feels a definite improvement.

Your results will become more dramatic as the treatments progress.

On the average , 10 to 15 treatments may be needed to achieve maximum benefit, depending upon age, skin condition and tone.

Typical first facial treatments use TBI’s proprietary Biostetics Elastin Infusion for maximum contrast and results.

Normal maintenance of 4 to 12 weeks is recommended depending on the use of home products.

Surgical face -lift eliminate sagging skin, but the condition of the skin does not change.

The Biostetics 2100 System Face and Body Micro-Current Machine treatment will tone muscles as well as improve facial and body tissues and including skin elasticity.

Plastic surgery, chemical wraps, creams and lotions have been available for years, but most of them have drawbacks.

They are expensive , painful, time consuming and often do not last.

The Biostetics 2100 System Face and Body Micro-current Machine treatment is safe, painless, and

so relaxing that people often fall asleep.

Women and men of all ages can benefit from the energetic powers of the Biostetics 2100 System Face and Body Micro-Current Machine.

It helps young people maintain their appearance longer and older people to regain their youthful glow.

Elastin is the body's natural anti-wrinkle agent, but we are born with a finite supply and

we age the amount dimishes.

This process was considered irreversible ... until now! is the precursor to human